Security Camera Installation Riviera BeachSecurity Camera Installation Riviera Beach | Three Benefits of Business Security Systems

An excellent way to protect your business during normal hours and when it is closed is to install a business security camera system. This applies regardless of whether you have a small business or a large one. Surveillance implementation increases security across all types of companies, keeping an eye on customers and employees, and also enhances the company’s overall safety. These enhancements include:

  • Improve Employee Safety
  • Reduce Inventory Theft
  • Reduce False Liability Claims

These three benefits are a guarantee for providing a safer or more secure environment for any business owner. Security cameras are a great investment if you value your brand, your reputation, and your employees. As you will see, surveillance can not only keep customers and employees safer, but it can also prevent theft and reduce false liability claims.

South Florida businesses can attest to that, especially those who have had CCTV Agent install their surveillance equipment. We are one of the most experienced CCTV installers in South Florida and strive to offer the best security camera systems at the most affordable prices. We have created this blog post for our customers from all over South Florida to help you understand the many benefits security cameras can offer to your business.

Safety Of Employees

Employers can use security cameras to prevent criminal activity and improve the efficiency of their company. Company guidelines can be enforced and monitored with security cameras. Surveillance generally produces the following outcomes:

  • Can help improve employee performance
  • Encourages policy compliance
  • Monitor employee productivity
  • Equipment failures can be identified in real-time

It is easy to overlook things that could be detrimental when you’re trying to increase employee productivity and performance or manage a company. Security cameras show that surveillance can have many benefits for office spaces. Managers can review employee performance by having surveillance installed indoors or outdoors.

Security cameras are also useful in enforcing safety and policy. Managers might remind employees and contractors to wear safety equipment and hard hats on construction sites. This could also include behavioral adjustments such as reprimanding employees for engaging in horseplay or slacking off.

Businesses can reap the benefits of security cameras by helping to spot failing or dangerous equipment. Powerful Senstar VMS Software can be paired with these surveillance devices easily and can be viewed from anywhere in the world with internet access or any type of PC or smart device. Surveillance can be used to identify employees who have an accident or need medical attention. Customers can also be monitored, which creates a safer environment.

Security Camera Installation Riviera Beach

Inventory Theft Can Be Reduced

Business security cameras play an important role in reducing the number of crimes plaguing businesses, just as outdoor cameras can reduce property crime. Employers might be disappointed to learn that contractors and staff are often responsible for many of the company’s losses. Benefits are:

  • Equipment loss is reduced
  • Cash and valuables monitoring
  • Tracking material and equipment
  • Monitoring is available 24/7

These benefits may seem insignificant to some people, and they might not be applicable to them, but good business owners know the importance of being able to reduce losses.  Studies show that American companies can lose 110 million dollars each day to employee-related crimes. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, less than 21% of all employee fraud cases resulted in more than one billion dollars in lost revenue for companies worldwide in 2020. Companies often lose a lot of money because of the fraudulent actions of their employees or contractors.

These numbers are even more exaggerated when you consider equipment and materials loss. Each year, as much as one billion dollars worth of goods are stolen. Less than 70% of these are recovered. This is made worse by the fact that employees and external parties both contribute substantially to this theft.

Security Camera Installation Riviera BeachSecurity cameras are an efficient tool that can help you save money and prevent losses. Surveillance can deter theft and other crimes by both employees and criminals, provided that they are placed in ideal scenarios. They also allow you to keep a record of all operations on-site, which can be viewed in real-time or later.

Reduce False Liability Claims

Unfortunately, many businesses are victims of false liability claims. Someone comes onto your property and claims they were injured in a slip and fall accident, or claims that one of your employees acted wrongfully.  They hire a lawyer and try to get money from you and your business.  The best way to protect yourself when a false claim like this arises is by having surveillance footage in all key areas of your operations, to prove that the fraudulent incident did not occur.  The video evidence shows the actual events that took place, and the truth of what is alleged.  This can be a game changer when it comes to protecting against false claims.  

Superior Customer Service with Advanced Security Camera Technology

If your security system isn’t designed and installed properly, it won’t be as effective and reliable as when it’s done by experienced surveillance professionals. We offer high-quality security products and ongoing maintenance to ensure reliable day-to-day performance.

We service and install:

  • Indoor and outdoor dome, turret, and bullet security cameras
  • PTZ (Pan Title Zoom), multi-sensor, and fisheye Security Cameras
  • Perimeter Security
  • Commercial-grade Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and servers with onsite and cloud storage
  • Remote app control available (PC, Laptop, iOS, and Android) 
  • US-based support from our headquarters in West Palm Beach

If you have any questions regarding our products and services, contact CCTV Agent today about Security Camera Installation Riviera Beach. Our professional team can provide you with the information you need about all our surveillance products. We will also help you to design the best security camera system possible for your environment. 877-523-2288

Security Camera Installation Riviera Beach

Security Camera Installation Riviera Beach

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