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CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems’ main goal is to provide accurate and reliable security solutions that give you comprehensive results.

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CCTV Agent is honored to be an Authorised Partner of Avigilon and we carry the complete offering of their impressive AI & Analytics driven solutions. Their video security, access control, cloud services, and AI are unparalleled in the surveillance arena. Delivering the right information in real-time allows you the ability to take preventative measures immediately.

Let us assist you with designing a custom Avigilon security solution for your video, access control, and cloud so that they smoothly integrate across your whole surveillance system powered by their robust AI. All Avigilon security cameras are powered by advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and video analytics. As complicated as your AI and security analytics might seem, Avigilon makes it extraordinarily easy to operate and use, letting you concentrate on what matters most to your business or home.

AVIGILON VIDEO ANALYTICS & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Avigilon provides demonstrated security technology solutions that result in better detection, verification, and action on critical level events for past, current, and believe it or not future timelines.

Security Camera InstallersAVIGILON VIDEO SECURITY

Avigilon delivers the latest generation of advanced surveillance technology for security cameras, security recorders, and security video management software. The hallmarks of Avigilon security solutions are monitoring, preventing, recording, and reacting in real time as well as incorporating preventive measures.


Our physical access control solutions were designed to keep people, property, and assets safe. Effortless control for all entries and visitor access for any entry point.


The Avigilon cloud services connect sites that facilitate remote access to your system anywhere in the world in the most secure environment possible. The cloud allows your internal network to enjoy freedom from laborious resources that can bog down productivity for other needed applications.

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Avigilon Cameras

Having an Avigilon security system will permit your security team the ability to concentrate and focus in the areas that can make a noticeable difference in a prompt manner.



The majority of any security personnel’s day to day activities are spent on the detection of nefarious activities. Studies have shown that after the operators have spent more than twenty minutes viewing for suspicious activity, the successful detection rate drops below the five percent margin. Completely unacceptable for any business or residential usage! Decrease these vulnerabilities by increasing more opportunities to detect unwanted activities.


Leading case studies from surveillance experts have shown that a security operator will spend more than ten percent of their time on verification for security related happenings.

AI & Security Analytics have shown that by freeing up a security operator’s time, it allows them the ability to shift their focus to more urgent issues at hand.


Avigilon CamerasWhen you take action immediately from AI & Security Analytics there is an easily identifiable increase for preventing bad outcomes and getting the right personnel in place. Avigilon intelligent solutions save time, money, and most importantly manpower in real time.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & VIDEO ANALYTICS

  • Detection, Verification and Action for crucial happenings
  • Unusual Motion Detection
  • Unusual Activity Detection
  • Self-Learning Video Analytics
  • Next Generation Video Analytics
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Focus of Attention
  • Facial Recognition
  • Appearance Search


See What Has Been Missing From Your Security Solutions with Avigilon

  • AI & Video Analytics
  • Video Management Software
  • Video Infrastructure
  • Cameras & Sensors


Secure Any Entrance, Exit & Control Where All Visitors Get Access

A key feature for Avigilon access control solutions is that it’s highly flexible. Meaning if your security solutions need to grow or scale down this can be done seamlessly without any interruptions. Our Avigilon offerings are designed to work great for businesses, communities, and homes of any size. CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems also provides enterprise level platforms for state and government institutions too.

Avigilon Cameras

We offer security solutions that are flexible and can change according to the demand and your specific project desires. The Avigilon ACM (Access Control Manager) enterprise system was created for large scale use where the entry level ACM Embedded Controller system was designed for smaller business and residential applications. 

All Avigilon access control systems are fully browser based, and require absolutely no software installation. You might ask, how does this work? The Avigilon system fully integrates with Avigilon Control Center video management software, which delivers turn key out of the box solutions that deliver the type of operation and execution that you would expect from one of the most advanced security surveillance companies industry wide.

  • ACM Integrations
  • Open-Platform Hardware
  • ACM Embedded Controller
  • ACM Appliances
  • ACM and ACC Unification
  • ACM System

Avigilon CamerasCLOUD SERVICES

Avigilon extends all of your security services to the cloud

  • Continuous Updates
  • Maintenance Services
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Seamless User Provisions
  • Simple & Secure Access
  • Access From Anywhere


Avigilon gives you the ability to know what is happening in the past, realtime, and the future to react with certainty.

Avigilon CamerasThe Avigilon solutions that CCTV Agent Security Systems offers cover a wide variety of industry verticals.

  • Utilities
  • Stadiums
  • Retail
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Ports
  • Oil & Gas
  • Avigilon CamerasMining
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Banking
  • Airports
  • Agriculture

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Avigilon Cameras

Avigilon Cameras

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