Access Control SystemsAccess Control Systems

CCTV Agents’ industry-leading access control systems will protect your assets and provide a safe environment for employees and visitors.

You can control and regulate access to your building

Over the last few years, physical security and access control security has become more important. This industry has also seen significant growth and innovation. Organizations are looking for more flexible, enhanced security and flexibility to drive much of the innovation and growth. The right access control systems will solve your problems and increase efficiency.

Cloud-Based Access Control

  • You can update access privileges, and keep your system up-to-date from anywhere
  • A system that is more flexible, scalable, and resilient
  • Access to enhanced security and additional features

Biometric & Facial Recognition

  • Secure access and identification with higher levels of security and accountability
  • Each user is assigned a unique biometric credential
  • Lower overall costs

Access Control SystemsMobile Credentials

  • User experience is more convenient and efficient
  • Credentials are able to be issued and revoked at any moment, from anywhere
  • This reduces the need to have physical credentials

Visitors Management

  • Integration seamless of visitor management into access control
  • Automated Screening Processes & Ensure Compliance
  • Lower Administrative Costs and Demands

Access Control Security and COVID-19

Security must include protection measures for your visitors and employees. CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems has innovative solutions for organizations that want to use contactless technology to improve safety and prevent germ spread. Mobile credentials reduce physical contact and work in conjunction with cloud-based access control systems to store access cards digitally on employees’ smartphones. Modern touchless access systems now allow facial recognition to replace keypads, swipe cards, and tags. These systems can be integrated with systems that detect temperature and use face masks to monitor who enters and exits your building. CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems can provide access control systems that help keep your employees safe, whether you have already returned to work or are still planning your return.¬†


  • Access Control System Advantages
  • Lock icon
  • Personalize Access
  • Restricted areas can be restricted to a select few and temporary access granted to visitors.

Eliminate key management

When you have to restrict or grant access to employees, don’t bother with issuing keys or changing locks.

Gain Insight

Access reports show who is logging in and out at any given time, no matter where you are located – on-site or remote.

Access Control Systems

Prioritize Your Business

We will install your system so that you can focus on what is most important: your business.

Simple Integrations

Integrate with other security systems, such as intrusion surveillance, video surveillance, and HR databases. Badging, visitor entry systems, and more.

Keep your safety and health in mind

Touch-free access control systems can be enhanced to ensure a safe environment for employees and visitors. Call us today if you have any questions about our Access Control Systems. 877-523-2288

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

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