Verkada Camera InstallationA Resourceful and Smarter Way to Secure Any Environment with Verkada Camera Installation.

Verkada is a fully integrated software and hardware surveillance solution that bolsters safety and streamlines security ownership. Verkada Security Solutions’ suite of connected devices delivers enterprise organizations with meaningful insights into the safety and health of their environments. Security Analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows Verkada to deepen its use of machine learning to continue building technology that safeguards places, people, and privacy at scale.

CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of Verkada cloud-based security solutions. Together we make video security scalable, easy to use, and limitlessly smart. Communities, HOAs, Businesses, State, Government, and Cities of all sizes choose Verkada Cloud Security to bring increased surveillance and awareness to any desired location. Contact CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems if you have any questions about Verkada Camera Installation. Call today – 877-523-2288

Verkada Camera InstallationVerkada Camera InstallationVerkada Video Security

Verkada hybrid cloud cameras effortlessly deliver edge-based processing and onboard storage to accurately provide insights in real-time 24-7 around the clock.

Verkada Access Control

Manage credentials, doors, and users across sites at ease with active directory integrations and global access.

Verkada Sensors

With an assortment of 8 onboard sensor readings, monitor for the safety and health of all environments.

Verkada Camera InstallationVerkada Camera InstallationVerkada Alarms

Catching and responding to break-ins with cloud-managed intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring by licensed security professionals has shown to greatly decrease criminal activity.

Simplify Management and Strengthen Security with Verkada Command

Verkada Command

Command, is Verkada’s cloud-based management software, that was created to provide easy management and access for all cloud security cameras and users across all sites from virtually anywhere in the world. With Command, users have the ability to easily set up new cloud security cameras, create new sites, manage users, manage settings, access live and archived footage, and access the advanced features powered by Verkada’s edge-based analytics.

Add ten, hundreds, or thousands of Verkada devices to Command, Verkada’s cloud-based surveillance management platform. By aggregating data across devices into a centralized dashboard, Verkada Command provides users with a complete picture of what’s going on across sites so teams can respond to incidents effectively and quickly.

Users can securely access Command from any web browser or smart device, or through Verkada’s top-rated mobile app (available on iOS and Android). 

Core Benefits of Verkada Command

  • Monitor, save, and share from one screen
  • Automatic updates and new features
  • Access to Verkada’s top-rated mobile app
  • Customizable level of site permissions
  • Unlimited user seats at no additional cost

Cherished By All Teams

IT Experts and Professionals

With Verkada Security Solutions you will have one less technology stack to be concerned about. End–to–end encryption and automatic security updates ensure that teams are protected against emerging and known threats. 

Law Enforcement & Security Personnel

Verkada’s intelligent solution notifications send alerts of meaningful events so security teams never miss a critical moment. Real-time insights without monitoring around the clock allow onsite security the ability to patrol and investigate events. 

Verkada Camera Installation

Operations and Facilities

Verkada protects facilities, assets, and people while ensuring productivity and efficiency. Aggregate data onto one platform for actionable insights. 

Partnering With Industry Titans & Trusted By Global Leaders

Over 6700 International Organizations Use Verkada and over 40 Fortune 500 Companies enjoy the benefits of Verkada.

Easy to Use

There are no secrets to becoming successful with Verkada. The way the system works is effortless from the way it’s installed to getting it up and running.

John Spirko

Senior Director of Loss Prevention, Equinox

Grant Secure Access to Users

Verkada Command allows me to set access rights at a really granular level with users and groups, with audit logs for both cameras and users. For one-off or ad–hoc access to footage, it takes literally moments to share a live link via email or SMS.

Jason Keen

Global Head of Security Operations, Citrix

Evolving, Future-Proof Technology

Verkada has delivered double the value at half the price. Instead of choosing between the things that matter to us, we have everything we’d expect of a modern security solution.

Brian Pond

CIO and Vice President of Technology, YMCA

Contact CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems if you have any questions about Verkada Camera Installation. Call today – 877-523-2288

Verkada Camera Installation

Verkada Camera Installation

Verkada Camera Installation

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