HOA Security Cameras for Condos and Communities

Security is a common concern among many homeowners in HOA communities. And while associations have a handful of options to address it, one of the most popular recourse is to install security cameras around the neighborhood.

Security. This word has many meanings, but the feeling of security is the single most important thing we can feel in our homes. Security is a major issue for condominiums and homeowners’ associations. Many people make the choice to buy a home in a condominium or homeowners’ association community based on their desire to live in an area that has additional security and that can provide greater peace of mind because security concerns are addressed on a community-wide basis. Condominiums and HOA’s therefore must make the security of their communities a top priority.

State-of-the-Art HOA Security Camera Systems
HOA Security Cameras | Surveillance and security have come a long way over the last few years. Whereas security issues used to be addressed solely through hiring security guards and securing perimeter access, today’s security needs can be met using technology provided by a security camera system.

Condominiums and HOA communities are often the targets of crimes because of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, recreational facilities, playgrounds, and parks. Further, these communities often have large parking lots or garages that leave vehicles susceptible to break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Studies on the effectiveness of security cameras have shown that they are effective at reducing and deterring crimes such as vehicle break-ins and burglaries in areas where the cameras have been installed.

Security Cameras Provide a Greater Sense of Safety
When used properly surveillance cameras can provide additional security, a greater sense of safety and a deterrent to would-be criminals. Security cameras are also proven to help in prosecuting perpetrators of crimes as well as in enforcing violations of the condominium or HOA governing documents.

CCTV Agent believes in taking a proactive approach to managing the security of condominiums and homeowners’ associations. Installing a well-designed IP-based security camera system will promote security for residents, guests, and staff. Our security camera systems are state-of-the-art. The cameras are high resolution and weather-resistant, have infrared night illumination and can be monitored remotely via accessible devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. Without these capabilities, a security camera system can just be a needless expense. Low-cost systems often come with low-quality images and outdated software.

Dependable Security Camera Systems

As with any technology, quality and dependability are key. It is important to have clear images of the activity being monitored and recorded, as well as to have a system that is user-friendly and dependable. CCTV Agent works closely with management companies, property managers, and Board Members to properly configure and install a security camera system that best suits your community’s individual needs.

You’ll be able to monitor areas like lobbies, entrances, hallways, public areas, clubhouses, pools, fitness centers, dumpsters, storage areas, and parking lots. Security cameras act as an extra set of eyes in the event something goes wrong. They help condominiums and HOA’s recover costs from culpable parties that cause property damage and provide valuable footage that can be provided to law enforcement when suspicious activity or unlawful behavior occurs.

Track Vehicles with Security Camera Systems

Security cameras are also an invaluable tool for tracking all vehicles entering and exiting your community. CCTV Agent is a specialist in license plate capture and has installed hundreds of license plate reader (“LPR”) cameras for community entrances, exits, and guard gates. It is particularly important for condominiums and HOA communities to protect homeowners by securing the entry and exit areas of the community with the use of LPR cameras to capture license tags both day and night.

A security camera system can help reduce liability, create a safer environment for residents, and deter unwelcome visitors. As a company with proven knowledge and experience with condominiums and HOAs, we can design a security camera system that’s specifically catered to your community’s needs.

CCTV Agent is Here to Help

From the initial consultation to the installation of your security camera system, CCTV Agent is here to help with everything. Our comprehensive suite of services begins with a full security audit of your property and extends to end-user setup and training.

You’ll see a number of benefits with a security camera system:

  • Capture license plates
  • Safeguard property from physical damage
  • Minimize the threat of criminal activity and misconduct by residents or guests
  • Capture violations of governing documents and identify culpable parties
  • Capture persons responsible for property damage so that they can be fined and costs recovered
  • Reduce liability
  • Prevent unwelcome visitors
  • View camera system remotely from anywhere in the world with a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Monitor and provide a 24/7 visual log of community activity
  • Decrease cases of theft and vandalism
  • Deter false or fraudulent liability and insurance claims

Security Cameras are a Necessity

Security is no longer an amenity but a necessity. Not only does a good security camera system provide all of the above benefits, but it also increases property values and provides the priceless benefit of peace of mind.

CCTV Agent has the years of knowledge and experience necessary to properly design a security camera system that meets your community’s unique security requirements. Our IP-based high-resolution security camera systems provide the level of protection and high-quality output your community needs. Our service offerings span site security audits, camera recommendations, system configuration, installation support, network design, and more. A security camera system installed by CCTV Agent also comes with unparalleled customer service and technical support. Let us help you build a powerful security camera network to protect your community.

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