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Perimeter Security and Surveillance Solutions for HOAs, Neighborhoods and Businesses of all sizes

During the last few years, surveillance systems for communities and residential use have greatly increased their efficiency and capacity for monitoring larger environments. The peculiar part is at the same time the price for security cameras and surveillance solutions has greatly decreased. Think VCRs and Microwaves from the early 80s that easily came with large price tags, you can now get these same items for a reasonable price. The same benefit is now being enjoyed by the security industry for consumers and distributors.

Security and surveillance technology continue to advance at a rate that hasn’t been seen before. It has never been easier to protect areas of all sizes, from a room in your home to full coverage for a community or HOA. In fact, one of the reasons people choose to live in HOAs and large communities is because security is addressed on a community-wide basis, in order to protect all residents and guests. Community protection is always a priority. In the past security cameras only had the ability to guard the areas immediately within view of your property or home.

How does perimeter security work?

Combining multiple solutions with high-definition security cameras and surveillance equipment provides an omniscient level of security that is unparalleled when it comes to protecting any neighborhood.

Our services include:

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Perimeter Security

Security camera systems of the past were really great at making positive identifications of those in question but only after an incident or nefarious activity has occurred.

Modern surveillance solutions have the ability to stop or deter criminal activity before it has a chance to escalate. When you incorporate perimeter security for any property it will not only add more protection but greater peace of mind. This protection is priceless when it comes to protecting your family and community. In South Florida, private HOAs and gated communities have varying sizes but one thing in common, the ability to enforce perimeter security is crucial. Some communities are much larger in size and too difficult to monitor with a security guard’s eyesight alone.

When you have secondary surveillance measures in place, you can better protect any given environment. Many HOAs and private communities have expansive landscaping and shrubbery that makes it difficult for traditional security cameras to have full coverage and that are vulnerable to potential points of intrusion. By employing thermal imaging cameras with infrared, you have the ability to see large perimeter areas of a community and detect unwanted intruders.  These cameras, combined with live virtual guards that can monitor your system, have the ability to detect and react to any perimeter breach in real-time live.


Perimeter Security

HOA & Private Community Surveillance Using Perimeter Security Solutions

CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems has a decade of experience in providing surveillance solutions for South Florida communities and businesses. We have mastered the latest surveillance techniques, and can provide a combination of security solutions that seamlessly work together to provide you with the best security solutions for your HOA or condominium. Remote camera monitoring with licensed security guards when blended with our thermal imaging cameras and other surveillance solutions will keep your property safer.  Our solutions are engineered and designed to protect your community or HOA on a year round basis.

Some of the solutions we can provide include: 

  1. Scheduled drills to ensure that the virtual guards are monitoring and reacting in a timely manner.
  2. High-resolution surveillance cameras for your community’s main entrance areas, exits, and intersections.
  3. Capturing every resident or guest who enters any property digitally with HD cameras and powerful software.
  4. Options for adding long-range high-definition cameras that capture license plates at the main entrances and exit points, which provide accountability for all who come and go.
  5. All perimeter intrusions are instantly reported to management, security guards on premises, or law enforcement.

Perimeter Security

 CCTV Agent also offers services that will monitor the well-being and uptime of every camera, network video recorder, and hard drive in your security camera network. Most of the time we have the ability to schedule and dispatch a security technician before you know there was even an issue with your security equipment, and we have plans available where all service visits, as well as repairs or replacement of equipment, are covered.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Track moving targets with speed and directional information directly on a map.
  • Assess and respond to threats in less time.
  • When the object moves to another camera, the system does an automatic handover.
  • Arm or disarm intrusion areas.
  • Visually monitor activity, and view live or recorded video associated with each target.

Perimeter Security

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Perimeter Security

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