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Car Dealership Security CamerasCar Dealership Security Cameras

Like every business, auto dealerships look for ways to protect their interests, save money and take care of their customers. Having a security camera system is an ideal way to secure those goals. Auto dealerships are susceptible to property damage, theft, vandalism, unwanted intruders, false liability claims, and many other threats. In addition, auto dealerships handle multi-million dollar inventories, making the stakes very high for these types of businesses.

While the challenges of securing an auto dealership are large, the good news is that a properly designed security camera system can provide effective security and protection. At CCTV Agent, we specialize in securing businesses like yours with our state-of-the-art IP camera systems, which are specifically tailored and designed to meet the security needs of your auto dealership. Implementing our high-tech surveillance systems can help save you money and protect your business.

Car Dealership Security Cameras

Car Dealership Security CamerasSome of the key benefits that an IP security camera system can provide for your auto dealership include:

  • Preventing Theft and Vandalism– Like other businesses, the dollar is the bottom line for auto dealerships. Protecting inventory and potential profit is an essential aspect of sales, and with expensive inventory, security becomes that much more important. Video surveillance cameras using high-resolution IP technology can help prevent theft and vandalism, and in the event of an incident, can provide valuable footage that law enforcement can use to identify and catch the perpetrators.
  • Tracking Customers and Visitors – The ability to track customer habits, especially correlating data between which cars customers look at and which cars they decide to purchase, can be valuable information for marketing, inventory, and dealership sales staff. Security cameras can help you track customers to determine their buying habits and can provide valuable data to assist in sales and marketing.
  • Protecting Buildings, Employees, and Customers – Surveillance cameras can help keep your managers and security staff posted about any security issues that arise throughout the day or night. Our security cameras allow staff to be more flexible in their duties with features like remote viewing via any accessible device. Security cameras also allow management to keep an eye on employees and customers to prevent any potential incidents and ensure a safer environment for all.

Car Dealership Security Cameras

  • Reduce Liability and Insurance Claims – Many businesses, including auto dealerships, can be the victims of false or fraudulent liability and insurance claims by customers, vendors, employees, or others. A well-designed security camera system helps to document any potential incidents and will provide an accurate depiction of events. High-resolution footage from an IP-based system always speaks the truth and will provide a clear picture of what really happened. This essential documentation can help thwart potential fraudulent liability and insurance claims.
  • Keeping Out Criminals and Intruders – Security cameras are a great deterrent to potential criminals and intruders. A large percentage of criminals bypass a property that they see is secured by a surveillance system. A strategically placed security camera system is the number one way to deter crime.
  • Affordably Increase & Supplement Current Security Measures – While auto dealerships typically have security guards on-site, a single guard cannot monitor all aspects of a dealership all at once. A well-designed and strategically placed security camera system can provide you with 24/7 eyes on the most important areas of your dealership. So even when your security guards are not covering a part of your property, a security camera always is. This can supplement your existing security force in an affordable and dependable way.
  • Remote Monitoring – Remote monitoring of a security camera system allows you to view your auto dealership from any accessible device, such as your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Whether you own one location or several, and whether your property is large or small, remote viewing of your security camera system allows you to have eyes on the key aspects of your operation from anywhere in the world.

Car Dealership Security Cameras

Car Dealership Security CamerasFor auto dealerships, selecting the correct security camera system can be daunting. What is the most advanced technology available? How well can you see the images from a camera? Are the cameras weather resistant? Do they have infrared night illumination? How many and where do I need them? There is no cookie-cutter solution and not every security camera company can provide you with the right answer or the right equipment. CCTV Agent has the knowledge and experience to design a security camera system that meets the unique security requirements of your dealership and that can greatly reduce the risks you face on a daily basis. Don’t wait until an unfortunate or expensive incident occurs. Protect yourself now.

Our custom-tailored security camera systems provide the level of protection and high-quality output you need, accommodating the layout of your property and the needs of your business. We make sure you get the equipment you need, installed properly, so that your surveillance system performs well to protect you, your customers and employees, and your bottom line.

Car Dealership Security Cameras

Auto Dealership Video MonitoringRemote Camera Monitoring for after-hours car dealership surveillance is the latest surveillance method for protecting your property. Our auto dealership video monitoring solutions are designed to perfectly surveil your car dealerships or car lots with proven remote video monitoring by licensed security guards. Physical security guards cannot be monitoring everything at all times but having an eye in the sky protects your most valuable assets from trespassers, theft, and vandalism. 

Car Dealerships Are Commonly Targeted Due To The Value Of Their Assets

Surveilling and protecting your cars, tools, and other costly equipment is crucial to having a higher overall profit. CCTV Agent has tried and tested methods to prevent, deter and hold those accountable for any type of criminal activity. Car lots and dealerships lose hundreds of millions of dollars per year in theft according to IIA (Insurance Institute of America). Car theft numbers from dealerships have come down in recent years due to advances in security measures. Not having surveillance measures in place is a surefire recipe for increased asset loss.

Auto Dealership Video MonitoringNewer Keyless Car Entry Technology Leads To Rampant Keyless Car Theft

Car theft rings are continually inventing new methods for stealing cars and hacking keyless entry models can be done by more sophisticated criminals. Remote Camera Monitoring and Perimeter Security with high-definition security cameras with night vision allows you to better protect your assets. Holding those accountable for theft or vandalism is core to getting your vehicle(s) back. You can provide instant alerts to onsite security personnel and law enforcement via any type of smart device or PC.

Auto Dealership Video MonitoringIn Addition To Vehicle Theft, Other Valuable Assets And Property Loss Occur At Night

It’s not just your car inventory you need to be concerned with. While millions are lost every year to thieves who just simply drive off the lot at night, car dealerships lose other assets like tires, rims, and costly mechanical tools. Vandalism is another component that has to be addressed as younger persons will sometimes smash vehicle windows and slash tires on hundreds of cars for their own entertainment. Having remote camera monitoring along with perimeter security allows you to record and react in real-time. Recently security camera analytics combined with AI (artificial intelligence) surveillance measures can predict when something is afoul.

Local Car Dealer In West Palm Beach Subject To Theft Of 12 Vehicles In One Night

A prominent car dealership in West Palm Beach, Florida had 12 cars stolen in one night. The gang of car thieves was so brazen they stole 6 cars first and then came back hours later and got 6 more cars. The most shocking part is that this dealership had an onsite security guard and surveillance cameras. The thieves put pallets on the traffic spikes and lifted the gate. One can only assume what the security guard was doing or not doing. Don’t wait until your car dealership or parking lot is hit by a car theft ring. Taking proactive surveillance measures is a proven method for protecting all of your assets for any type of car dealership. Call CCTV Agent today to find out more about Auto Dealership Video Monitoring and our other proven solutions. If you have any questions about Auto Dealership Video Monitoring call CCTV Agent today. 877-523-2288

Auto Dealership Video Monitoring

Compliment and Reinforce Your Property With Video Monitoring for Auto Dealerships

Thieves know that car dealerships and car lots hold a large amount of easily moveable high-value inventory. Who is there during the nighttime hours to protect and monitor these valuable assets? Most car dealerships employ security guards, but oftentimes these physical guards have a limited ability to view the entire car lot. It’s nearly impossible for one security guard to properly surveil an entire car dealership facility. Car dealerships notoriously use surveillance measures such as security cameras. At first glance, they might assume they are effective until they get hit. CCTV Agent offers proven surveillance solutions that combine licensed security guards and auto dealership video monitoring. With our remote video monitoring service, you have multiple persons and security teams monitoring your property around the clock. Call CCTV Agent if you have any questions about Car Dealership Security Cameras. 877-523-2288

High-Caliber Surveillance Solutions

CCTV Agent offers proven surveillance solutions that combine licensed security guards and auto dealership video monitoring. With our remote video monitoring service, you have multiple persons and security teams monitoring your property around the clock. Security cameras on their own only record what they can see; you need to have proactive surveillance measures in place. You can use your existing surveillance equipment or upgrade with advanced security camera systems that include smart analytics and artificial intelligence. Don’t rely on your security cameras alone, ask about our other solutions like perimeter security. Auto Dealership Video Monitoring is designed to help protect all of your assets and anyone who visits your facility.

Active Deterrence Security Cameras

You can utilize active deterrence cameras with flashing strobe lights and one-way speakers to alert any intruder that onsite security and law enforcement are on their way. When criminals are aware of security measures it’s proven to deter further criminal activity. Any perpetrators who continue on their mission can be confronted anywhere that you have an active deterrence security camera in place. Our remote guards will do the security work for you.

Video Monitoring for Auto Dealerships

Our Licensed Security Guards Can Dispatch Immediate Response

With our remote camera monitoring solutions, you have eyes throughout your car dealership inside and out during the most vulnerable times. Our highly trained and licensed security guards know how to spot and react to suspicious behavior. Once any doubtful activity is detected, they will alert onsite security personnel and law enforcement quickly and efficiently before any theft or damage is done.

Video Monitoring for Auto DealershipsWhat To Expect With CCTV Agent’s Auto Dealership Video Monitoring

When you are ready to fully secure your vehicle inventory and other valuable assets at your auto dealership, call CCTV Agent 877-523-2288. We can greatly improve your entire car dealership’s security with our reliable and proven auto dealership solutions with remote video monitoring. Will will be glad to talk with you at any time, just be ready to provide some pertinent details.

  • History of vandalism or theft
  • Location of your car dealership
  • Size of your car lot
  • Security Budget
  • The average inventory of vehicles
  • Value of other assets

With these criteria, we can custom tailor the perfect solutions based on your surroundings and inventory, that are efficient while still being affordable. Our advanced surveillance solutions are always designed to maximize your security presence while minimizing your cost. Call CCTV Agent if you have any questions about Car Dealership Security Cameras. 877-523-2288

Video Monitoring for Auto Dealerships

Car Dealership Security Cameras

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Car Dealership Security Cameras

Car Dealership Security Cameras

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