As we climb the security camera resolution ladder, the next rung up from VGA is 720p, which is also considered HD (High-Definition). These security cameras already give you much more resolution at 1280×720. This makes the image much clearer, allowing more detail and dynamic range. Essentially, this means that more colors from the spectrum are visible. Moreover, with 720p the IR (Infrared) mode looks unquestionably better, and even in absolute darkness, the cameras will still be able to pick up minute details. If you have any questions about hiring a reputable security camera installer, reach out to CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems today. 877-523-2288

As we continue our exploration of security camera resolution we come across a true trailblazer in 1080p. 1080p, the first fully high definition security cameras are the ideal balance between cost and quality. The images delivered by a 1080p system are far superior to anything you have enjoyed from security cameras before. Because of this newfangled feature, you get an added quality of resolution that was not possible before. Digital zoom. Because you have a higher resolution you can zoom in digitally and you don’t lose much quality. This allows security personnel and law enforcement to zoom in on specific facial features, license plates, or logos on clothing to make a better case. 

The last stop on the high-resolution security camera train comes with 2,3,4, and 5-megapixel security cameras. These security cameras are unsurpassed when it comes to clarity and high-definition imagery. The high quality of the surveillance video coming from these security cameras will guarantee that almost zero details get lost in translation. The increase in resolution from these security cameras drastically improves your surveillance ability. And digital zoom becomes more and more efficient allowing you to capture and preserve critical surveillance footage. Also, the dynamic range of these security cameras will allow more of the imagery or video to be useful, especially if there’s a large difference between light and shadow areas. 

Now comes the ultimate security camera at 4k. This is for those that require added levels of security and believe that they need to be able to see everything because what is being protected is of importance or high value. 4k security cameras are rapidly becoming more and more popular. 4k is a newer technology, the latest TVs and cameras are all coming equipped with 4K and the difference in resolution is remarkably noticeable to the naked eye. If you thought that 1080p was clear and sharp, 4K is 4x the resolution, so it’s like having 4x the pixels in the same video or image. These kinds of security cameras are mostly used in businesses that deal with cash, government buildings, banks, and other high-value targets.

Due to the continuing advancement of surveillance, this technology is more and more available to the normal consumer and even means that you can have this technology in your business or home without breaking the bank. These security cameras won’t miss any detail and make the task of security personnel and law enforcement much easier, so with this technology, you can bring down the culprits responsible for any crime committed on your property. The next blog article is Part III of III for Security Installers. Stay tuned for 5k security cameras too.

If you have any questions about hiring a reputable security camera installer, reach out to CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems today. 877-523-2288

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