Best Security Camera SystemWhat is the best security camera system? 

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A critical factor to keep in mind when exploring what is the best security camera system for your needs. Investing in the highest quality equipment and surveillance products will always provide better results. This is specifically true when using outdated analog technologies that have become increasingly antiquated and incompatible with newer high-definition security products. There is still an option to replace older analog security cameras with HD over Analog. HD over analog security camera systems are relatively new to the surveillance market. They are another alternative to choose from, in addition to traditional analog and IP security cameras.

Choosing Between Color or Black & White Security Cameras

When selecting the best security camera system for your business, it’s essential to take into account whether you will need full-color hi-res video surveillance footage or black and white. Today, all modern security camera systems produce color images.

Best Security Camera System

However, you may still see some footage in black and white.  This is because many cameras switch to using infrared light at night when there is a low-light environment.  This is something to definitely consider if you must secure low-light areas. At night time these infrared or IR images appear in black and white in great detail, even in areas that are otherwise very dark.  

Today we also have many models of cameras that produce and record video in color at night.  These are called low-light cameras.  The technology has recently developed that allows cameras to record full color images at night and in low light environments. Certain details such as a person’s clothing, physical features, size, and hair color can easily be identified with color security cameras.

Each type of camera, whether infrared or night color, has its own advantages but the best security camera systems today will deliver high-definition video surveillance footage. Our security experts can help you design and plan the perfect surveillance solution for any type of business or property.

Best Security Camera System

Wireless or Wired Security Camera Systems

Another thing to consider when selecting the best security camera systems for your business is selecting between wireless or wired security cameras. A significant factor is that wireless security cameras must still be physically connected by a wire to a power source (with a few exclusions, such as a battery or solar-powered security cameras). Battery-powered is oftentimes too cumbersome because the batteries have to be changed frequently, and while solar-powered security cameras have shown great promise recently, providing an adequate amount of solar power is very costly. 

Solar Powered Security Cameras are ideally suited for areas that demand powerful performance but power supplies are not readily available.  They are not meant for structures or properties that otherwise have power available to connect to.  These solar security solutions are perfect for construction sites or remote sites that don’t have power available.  If you have any questions please call today. 877-523-2288

Best Security Camera System

Best Security Camera System

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