Each day it’s estimated that over 10,000 break-ins occur. Each and every day 10,000 warehouses, businesses, and homes face thousands, millions of dollars in losses. This happens essentially because they weren’t properly prepared and didn’t call one of the best security camera installation companies to take preventative measures so that you don’t become vulnerable to robbery and theft. The question you need to ask yourself is how can security camera installers help you or your business? 877-523-2288    Part I of III articles for Security Cameras Installers.

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Security Cameras have greatly assisted homes and businesses monitor and keep themselves safer. In today’s tougher world having security cameras is almost a necessity in most cases. Keeping an eye on employees and customers, and even possible outside threats, or even being able to identify someone after a crime has unfortunately already been committed. Security personnel and law enforcement depend greatly on security camera footage to identify and lock up criminals. One of the best ways to protect and defend your business or home is to identify what type of cameras you should use. What resolution should they be? Bullet? Dome? PTZ? Varifocal Lens? Fixed Lens? Pole Mounted? ePOE? Hardwired? DVR? NVR? Call CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems today and they can answer any questions you have. 

Security Camera Options

Surveillance technology has advanced to the point where analog security cameras have almost become obsolete and cost more or the same as some high-definition options available in the market today. So why choose to have an outdated technology when you can have more than 2 to 3x  the quality of analog for exactly the same price. There are many different varieties of security cameras each with its own niche, dome security cameras, PTZ security cameras, and bullet security cameras. Which is right for you. 

Camera Resolutions

VGA was a pioneer in the early days of security cameras and what some consider analog at 640×480 pixels. 640×480 was amazing in its day but compared to HD which almost any smart device or phone with a camera on the market today enjoys. Even though analog does the job, you won’t be able to see much, and getting meaningful detail will be next to impossible, meaning that if any type of crime is committed it will be difficult to get usable footage to identify the perpetrators. 

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