Tomato, Tomato. In part III of III for security camera installers, security camera installer, security cameras installer, we will cover a variety of the security camera styles available for the surveillance market today.

Security Camera Styles

There are 2 core styles of surveillance cameras. Domes and bullets. More advanced surveillance features include specialty security cameras such as PTZs (Pan Title Zoom) and fisheye domes with 360 panoramic style viewing. What are the ideal scenarios for your surveillance needs and how many of each camera should you have in your security system. Ask a security cameras installer like CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems.  877-523-2288

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet security cameras are the ideal outdoor surveillance camera. They are designed and constructed to be more weather resistant than dome security cameras because they’re specifically constructed to withstand harsh elements and heavier weather conditions. Also, bullet security cameras are better suited to be placed in higher places that are out of reach so they cannot be tampered with. 

Dome Security Cameras    

Dome security cameras are generally used indoors, but there are certain units that can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Dome security cameras are resistant to tampering as they are mostly vandal-proof. In layman’s terms if someone tries to vandalize the dome security camera it’s designed to take some heavy blows while still being fully operational.

Specialty Cameras

PTZs are a great camera to have in your arsenal. Their ability to move automatically when motion is detected is perfect for catching a visual of any possible threat walking or driving by. Also, these cameras are intimidating. When scoping out homes and buildings criminals always go for the easy targets so having a PTZ is a very effective method to show that you’re serious about security. 

Superwide vandal dome security cameras are perfect for the retail environment or for whenever you want to monitor an entire room with one camera. These security cameras deliver an unbelievable view of everything that occurs, and their super hi-res (high-resolution) allows you to track and record all happenings.  

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