CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems main goal is to provide accurate and reliable security solutions that give you comprehensive results.

Virtual Gate Guard Security Solutions

CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems is proud to deliver one of the most reliable solutions for limiting and controlling access to gated communities, residential and business complexes.

Virtual Gate GuardOur virtual gate guard provides an additional layer of security for HOAs, private communities, businesses, and commerce park entrances by increasing alertness while reducing cut-through traffic and trespassing, thus lowering your overall crime rate. Virtual gate guards are one of the least expensive security measures you can take that will markedly improve any environment’s well-being. Traditional security guards are expensive, especially when you consider the around-the-clock bill. A virtual gate guard also works well in tandem with guarded gatehouses as it allows security personnel the ability to get out to physically monitor the grounds.

How does a virtual gate guard work?

Typical virtual gate guards employ both video and audio technology to assess every visitor to your desired entrances and exits. As any vehicle or pedestrian approaches a security gate, it will encounter a security kiosk that is equipped with high def surveillance cameras and two-way audio communications. The guest or visitor will be greeted by a professional security guard who is licensed. The guard will verify the identity of the guest or visitor before granting access to the gated community or establishment.

Increased Level of Safety with Accountability

  1. Each person attempting to gain access to a restricted area will have their license plate and face recorded and stored so that it can be accessed for viewing at any time down the road.
  2. Having a virtual gate guard service in place greatly lowers your security budget by reducing the cost associated with having around-the-clock security guards.  In addition, our virtual guards can also monitor other areas of your property or community that are equipped with surveillance cameras, all at the same price.
  3. Virtual guards reduce unwanted visitors, solicitors, criminals, and those just trespassing. Once community residents or patrons visiting an establishment are verified they are logged and permitted access.
  4. Why does a virtual gate guard work so successfully? First and foremost it comes down to verifying every visitor’s identity which is logged and time stamped and confirmed by a professional guard before access is granted.

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CCTV Agent’s surveillance & security options can assist you with:

  • Monitor every person who visits your property and see their activities at the community entrance and beyond.
  • One of law enforcement’s most successful tools in identifying potential suspects is the use of surveillance combined with gate access control.
  • Prevention and deterrence of crimes before they occur by having visible security measures in place.
  • Security and protection will be increased by the reduction of unwanted visitors..

Why does your community or business establishment need virtual gate guard services? 

Some crimes can be stopped before they have a chance to happen by denying entry. When you pair a virtual gate guard with live remote camera monitoring, you have the ultimate blanket of protection and accountability. 

Live remote camera monitoring can also be paired with thermal cameras that can monitor the perimeter of your community or business. This permits you to monitor every inch of a perimeter that you want to monitor.  Perimeter surveillance is an important safety tool for guarding all potential areas of entry to your community or business. 

Lowering your security budget with a virtual gate guard not only saves money but it greatly decreases crime and unwanted visitors. Depending on where you live, one around-the-clock security guard can cost from 120k to 150k annually. A virtual gate guard system can save you up to 65% off, and improve your level of surveillance.  Virtual gate guard operators have specialty training and the proper certifications to be licensed in the state of Florida.


Virtual Gate Guard

How can CCTV Agent’s virtual gate guard help protect my community or any premises with access gate control?

The most efficient way to lower your security budget for any gated community, residential complex, or business establishment is by employing a virtual gate guard. Around-the-clock security guard payroll is one of the heaviest expenses any HOA or community has to confront. Even the most basic security guard service can carry a hefty price tag. 

Another added benefit of having a virtual gate guard is that you can supplement on-site security while they are patrolling the community or during specific hours. Combining physical security guards with virtual gate guards adds another level of protection while reducing overall security costs.

One of the main issues that physical security guards fight is work-related fatigue. Having a backup plan or an affordable redundancy solution in place is paramount to providing better overall security. It’s common for these types of physical security guards to experience napping, extended bathroom breaks, doldrums, and are easily distracted by TV and personal electronic devices. One of the most important aspects of a virtual guard gate system is that it never takes time off as you have a complete team of security professionals monitoring your entrances and exits around the clock. 

You can rest assured knowing that your private community, HOA, or business will record all entrances and exits in any desired location. All security camera footage is viewable in live time so any security personnel can act immediately to deter crime and unwanted visitors. At the virtual gate guard headquarters, all CCTV Agents security personnel will vigorously monitor your security cameras and react accordingly. All of our surveillance solutions use the latest and most proven technologies for access control and surveillance. Many of these systems are used by state, government, and military institutions.

CCTV Agent’s virtual gate guard solution utilizes the newest surveillance and access control technologies. Have a better peace of mind knowing that some of these same procedures can be found currently in use at many government facilities. In fact they are commonly employed by the likes of Homeland Security, the FBI, corrections facilities, and many more. Your virtual guard gate system will record and log all visitor entrances and exits. This allows you to have access to your recorded data so you can view and confirm any nefarious activities.

Virtual Gate Guard

Additional Reasons Why To Use A Virtual Guard Gate System

  • Having a passive security system cannot prevent or deter crimes. Virtual guard gates are a proven technique that can lessen crime and unwanted activity even before they occur.
  • The CCTV Agent method is proactive and isn’t purely event-driven. The security camera video feed is live in real-time, essentially stopping those with unauthorized access to enter an area. The ultimate layer of security can be provided by coupling thermal imaging with perimeter security solutions. 
  • When virtual gate guard services are paired with thermal security cameras and our perimeter security solutions, you can detect and protect every inch of your property. Increase accountability and decrease liability.
  • Virtual gate guard applications are used in a variety of scenarios for the government, businesses, the commercial sector, industrial use, and especially residential communities.

Our virtual guard gate solutions are extremely popular in private neighborhoods, condos, and gated communities. These security and surveillance measures are also commonly used in:  Auto Dealerships, Catering Halls, Condo Security, Construction Sites, Equestrian Facilities, Garage Facilities, Government Facilities, HOA’s, Hospitals, Hotels and Motels, Houses of Worship, Malls, Manufacturing, Medical Offices, Office Buildings, Parking Lots, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Schools, Senior Living Facilities, Shopping Centers, Storage Facilities, Warehouses, and more. Basically, anywhere that valuable assets or people need security from unlawful and unwanted entry can benefit from a virtual guard gate system.

Virtual Guard Gate

Virtual Gate Guard


Want Your Business or Commercial Property To Be More Secure? Ask CCTV Agent about their Virtual Guard Gate solutions. We can assist with keeping your property secure and safe with our Virtual Gate Guard solutions. As crime continues to rise businesses need added surveillance measures to protect their property and anyone who visits. Call CCTV Agent today if you have any questions about Virtual Security Guards and live remote video monitoring. 877-523-2288

CCTV Agent Security Systems Is Your Security & Surveillance Gate Partner

Any type of property crime or vandalism is not only costly but highly frustrating, but it also puts you and anyone visiting a location in danger. Let CCTV Agent Security Systems show you how to react instantly and put an end to criminal activity.

Virtual Guard GateEvaluation of your property

CCTV Agent Security Cameras Systems will evaluate your business’s current situation, any history of theft or damage, and create a personal security plan.

Complete Security Camera Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Security cameras and other surveillance technologies will be installed and tested at the recommended monitoring locations for complete surveillance coverage.

Proactive Monitoring with licensed security guards

With remote camera monitoring, you pay less and are better protected from criminal activity with an extra set of eyes on your property. Our security specialists will monitor your business or property so onsite security personnel or law enforcement can respond immediately.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year surveillance

Eliminate fees and false alarms. Our around-the-clock surveillance monitoring with smart analytics and AI software can distinguish between threats and non-threatening activity.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & VIDEO ANALYTICS

  • Detection, Verification, and Action for crucial happenings
  • Unusual Motion Detection
  • Unusual Activity Detection
  • Self-Learning Video Analytics
  • Next-Generation Video Analytics
  • License Plate Recognition

Virtual Guard Gate

Protect any Business at a Lower Cost

Businesses cannot afford the costs of damage, theft, or vandalism. CCTV Agent Security Systems makes securing your business straightforward with our professional virtual guard gate solutions.

Begin Today. Don’t wait.

You’ve worked hard for your business. Let the surveillance experts at CCTV Agent Security Systems help you protect it. Call CCTV Agent today if you have any questions about Virtual Security Guards and live remote video monitoring. 877-523-2288

Virtual Guard GatesVirtual Guard Gates | If your community is looking to increase the effectiveness of your guarded gatehouse security and reduce costs, then you should consider a virtual guard gate solution.  Combining technology with properly trained and certified remote guards is a great way to accomplish your community’s security goals while also saving on your security budget.  

Our virtual guard gate solution provides an extra layer of security to HOAs, private communities, and businesses. It increases alertness, reduces cut-through traffic, and trespassing, and lowers your overall crime rate. Virtual gate guards can be a cost-effective security measure that will improve the security of your guarded entrances. Traditional security guards can be expensive, especially when you consider their 24/7 cost. Virtual gate guards can be used in conjunction with guarded gatehouses. They allow security personnel to monitor and control who accesses the grounds.

What is a virtual gate guard?

Virtual gate guards use both audio and video technology to evaluate every visitor at your entrances and exits. Any vehicle, pedestrian, or other people that approaches a security gate will be greeted by a kiosk equipped with two-way audio communications and high def surveillance cameras. A licensed professional security guard will greet the visitor or guest. Before granting entry to the establishment or gated community, the guard will verify the identity.

Safety and Accountability Are Substantially Increased

Every person who attempts to gain entry to restricted areas will have their license plate, face, and other information recorded. This information can then be accessed at any time.

A virtual gate guard service can help you lower your security budget and reduce the cost of having security guards on site. Our virtual guards are also able to monitor other areas on your property or in your community that have surveillance cameras with live remote camera monitoring.

Virtual guards help to reduce unwanted visitors, solicitors, criminals, and people just trespassing. After patrons, guests, service personnel, or community residents visit an establishment, they are recorded and granted access according to the community’s guidelines.

Virtual Guard Gates

What makes a virtual gate guard so successful? It all boils down to verifying each visitor’s identity. This is done by recording and stamping time and then being confirmed by a professional guard.

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The surveillance and security options available from CCTV Agent can help you:

  • Monitor every visitor to your property around the clock.
  • The combination of surveillance and gate access control is one of the most effective tools for law enforcement and onsite security personnel in identifying suspects.
  • Visible security measures can be used to prevent crimes and deter them from happening.
  • The reduction of unwanted visitors will increase security and protect any environment.
  • Virtual gate guard services are necessary for your business or community.

By denying entry, certain crimes can be stopped before they happen. You can have both protection and accountability by pairing a virtual gate guard with remote monitoring from licensed security guards.

Remote camera monitoring can be combined with thermal cameras to monitor the perimeter of your business or community. This allows you to monitor every inch within a perimeter you wish to monitor. Monitoring perimeters is an important safety tool to guard against hidden entry points into your community or business.

A virtual gate guard can help you save money and reduce crime. Around-the-clock security guards typically require three guards in 8-hour shifts which can cost between 120k and 150k annually depending on where you live. Virtual gate guard systems can reduce your costs by up to 65% and increase your surveillance. Virtual gate guards have the right certifications and special training to help protect your community. 

Virtual Guard Gates

How can a virtual gate guard help protect a community and any other premises that have unmanned entry points?

A virtual guard is the best way to reduce your security budget in any gated community, residential complex, or business establishment. The cost of security guard payroll, which is available 24 hours a day, can be one of the highest expenses for any HOA or business. Even the simplest security guard service can be costly.

A virtual gate guard can be added to your existing security personnel by supplementing their patrols or working effectively after hours. The combination of virtual gate guards and physical security guards provides additional protection at a lower cost. To learn more about our Virtual Guard Gates and Security Systems, contact CCTV Agent today. 877-523-2288

Virtual Guard Gates


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