Boca Raton Security Camera InstallationBoca Raton Security Camera Installation | CCTV Installation for Commercial Properties and Neighborhoods of All Sizes

Our certified CCTV technicians will install your security camera system at your business or community with minimal interruption. All of our installers employ a white glove attitude and we provide superior surveillance products along with great customer service. We want our customers to be happy with the service and products they receive and stand by them with US-based support for the life of the product. CCTV Agent is highly experienced in providing surveillance solutions and the right place to call if you have any questions about Boca Raton security camera Installation. 877-523-2288

CCTV Agent is a professional security solutions provider and can help you with any of your surveillance needs.  We utilize high-quality security cameras that are vandal-resistant with long-range capabilities and night vision. The security cameras use ethernet cables to ensure the signal reaches your system in high definition.

HD Quality Security Camera Systems For Businesses & Communities

We have a broad range of customers from small businesses to large corporations and governments and communities of all sizes. We provide security solutions that meet your needs at a fair price. We have established relationships with the leading security camera manufacturers which allows us to pass on greater discounts to our clients.

What can we do to help your business or community?

  • Our advanced CCTV solutions provide effective security and safety that will meet your requirements.
  • We use the latest technology for CCTV security systems for businesses and communities to create cutting-edge video surveillance solutions tailored to your needs.

Flexible, powerful, and scalable

You need your video surveillance system to not only provide security footage but it can also be configured to deliver active deterrence warnings and alerts around the clock for suspicious activity.


  • Integrate any combination of existing or new cameras.
  • Provide coverage for one building, multiple buildings, or multiple locations.

Boca Raton Security Camera Installation


  • Seamless installation with minimal interruption to day-to-day activities.
  • Easy to use apps and basic training on surveillance equipment purchased from CCTV Agent.
  • Based on your free consultation, our technicians will pre-configure all of the necessary components, alerts, and notifications for optimal surveillance.


  • Search current and past surveillance footage and easily share via quick export tools that can be downloaded and shared immediately with onsite security personnel or law enforcement.
  • Multiple sites can access live surveillance footage by multitasking via powerful search features with advanced analytics.
  • Zoom digitally on live or recorded video footage.
  • Smart AI & Analytics reduces the time it takes to investigate and respond.

Boca Raton Security Camera Installation


  • Increase security for customers, employees, and anyone visiting a community.
  • Insurance fraud can be prevented and liability claims will be reduced with modern security camera systems.

Ultimate Connectivity

We know business owners and community personnel cannot be everywhere. A CCTV Agent system can ensure that your security is always available, wherever you may be. Access your live feed from any type of smart device, anywhere you are, via PC, smartphone, or tablet. This allows you to be always in the loop and know what is happening at a specific location. You can get an email alert triggered by motion detectors so that you are always up to date and in control of the environment you want to monitor.

Boca Raton Security Camera Installation

Boca Raton Security Camera Installation

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