Live Remote Video MonitoringSecure your property and make sure it’s protected from all threats with comprehensive perimeter security. It was not easy to achieve this level of total security protection in the past. Live remote video monitoring now integrates advanced intelligent video analytics to detect potential threats before and as they occur.

Remote guarding is becoming a preferred method to monitor commercial properties and businesses. Live remote monitoring is cheaper than hiring on-site security personnel. It combines professional security guard training with the most recent surveillance technology. Perimeter security can be implemented in a proactive way when used together with smart AI and physical security guards.

Live Remote Video Monitoring increases Perimeter Security Benefits

A video surveillance system is an essential investment for both business owners and property managers. Security cameras are highly effective when they are monitored by trained security guards. Even if you have private security guards on staff, they alone cannot monitor every inch of property in real-time.

  • Live remote monitoring of perimeter security is a great option.
  • Faster threat alerts are used to detect potential events earlier.
  • Advanced video analytics can spot suspicious activity that guards may not have noticed.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your security plan.
  • Monitoring is available 24/7 without any interruptions.
  • Audio response for active threat deterrence.

Live Remote Video Monitoring

Increasing emergency response time in cases that have been verified

Another benefit of using live remote video monitoring to monitor perimeter security is the decrease in false alarms. False alarms account for the majority of alerts. Guards must verify any responses before dispatching an emergency response. Intelligent video analytics allows for faster emergency response times.

How Remote Live Video Monitoring Works

A team of security guards is stationed at a central location, away from the building or property being monitored with live remote video surveillance. While the video analytics software is processing the data, the remote guarding team can access the live security camera feeds. Remote guards are alerted to any suspicious activity and they use their professional training in order to determine the best response.

Live Remote Video Monitoring

For perimeter security and surveillance in multiple industries, live remote video monitoring is common. This is a popular solution for many settings, including construction sites, parking garages, and airports, as well as apartment complexes and gated communities. For a free assessment of your live remote video monitoring options, contact CCTV Agent today.  877-523-2288

Live Remote Video Monitoring

Live Remote Video Monitoring

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