School Security Camera InstallationA new bill is currently making its way through the Florida Legislature that would allow school districts to put security cameras inside classrooms and record students and teachers. Private schools already use security cameras but soon public schools might have security cameras in their classrooms. If you have any questions about School Security Camera Installation call CCTV Agent Security Systems today. 877-523-2288 (CCTV)

It’s a given that school districts are supposed to deliver a secure and safe learning environment for students, staff, teachers, and parents. The most basic security requirements include keeping violence, weapons, and any type of criminal or unpleasant behavior out of school facilities.  With the increase of gun violence and bullying becoming commonplace, you can never take for granted that your school’s current surveillance and security systems are up to the task. 

When it comes to safety and security, schools need all the help they can get. Security cameras and video surveillance play an important role in the security posture of a school. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits and challenges of security cameras and video surveillance in schools.

Today, why do schools need additional surveillance and security camera measures?

Essentially, school security cameras not only assist any environment with keeping your campus safer but also reduce mischievous behavior. It’s a widely known fact that having an integrated surveillance system will help any school deter school violence, bullying, and crime. School surveillance measures are a crucial tool for ensuring safety on school campuses so that the school year will be successful. Currently, statistics from the National Center for Education show that more than eighty percent of public schools in the US already utilize security cameras.

One of the most important benefits of school security cameras is the increased emergency response time and it sends a strong statement that a particular school places high importance on safety. Moreover, some of the key aspects of school security cameras include: 

  • Allows monitoring of school grounds, entrances, and hallways more efficiently.
  • Immeasurably assists in the event of an incident in terms of evidence and documentation.
  • Discourages trespassing and vandalism.
  • Gives educators a tool to address and monitor ongoing bullying issues.
  • Helps deter school violence and crime in general.
  • National school surveillance reports find that security cameras are highly effective

Extensive reporting on school safety technology has determined that security systems permit school personnel and responders to monitor and better understand emergency situations as they occur. This reporting highlighted that private and public schools employ thousands of surveillance cameras making them the 2nd most used security measure in public schools.

School Security Camera Installation

Best practices for school security camera installation.

The report clearly showed that the effectiveness of security cameras in schools was heavily dependent on the way the surveillance systems are installed. Some of the best practices for school security camera feeds recommend that:

Surveillance camera feeds transmit to a monitor with a security guard or designated individual assigned to watch the video feed. When a negative behavior is observed, security personnel can instantly respond to the location of the incident.

Maintain video footage. Stored surveillance footage will assist in identifying perpetrators and verifying testimony.

When you use the smart video analytics capabilities of your security system it will provide your security personnel automatic detection and alerting features. This video feed can be highlighted for further observation by law enforcement and security staff so they can select an appropriate response.

If you have any questions about School Security Camera Installation call CCTV Agent Security Systems today. 877-523-2288 (CCTV)

School Security Camera Installation

School Security Camera Installation