Verkada Security Cameras for SchoolVerkada Security Cameras for Schools | A fully integrated Verkada Security Solution by CCTV Agent dramatically improves school safety. Verkada Surveillance Solutions integrates hardware and software with a cloud-based platform that allows for secure remote monitoring and quicker emergency response. Verkada is used by school districts to improve school safety, simplify security management, and protect student privacy.

CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems is proud that we are an Authorized Reseller for Verkada’s cloud-based security solutions. We make video security flexible, scalable, and infinitely smart together. Verkada Cloud Security is a choice for corporations and businesses of all sizes. It allows them to increase surveillance and awareness in any location. For more information about Verkada Security Cameras for Schools, contact CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems at 877-523-2288.

School grounds are better protected with additional security. An all-powerful, edge-based analytics platform that is designed to speed up surveillance investigations in any educational environment, including Pre-K, Elementary School and Middle School, High School, and College.

Verkada Video Security

  • Rated and tested for durability and ability to be used in high traffic environments
  • Protect schools and campuses with proactive alerts to prevent repeat offenders or unusual actions.
  • Video monitoring centrally across a school district or college campus

Verkada Access Control

  • Based on school hours and bell schedules, scheduling for doors and entrances to unlock and lock.
  • Designate specific staff members with tiered access at the various exit and entrance points.
  • Video evidence is used to verify that door-based activity has been verified.

Verkada Security Cameras for School

Verkada Sensors

  • Protect the safety and well-being of staff and students using IT equipment.
  • Receive immediate notifications about any unusual changes occurring in a specific environment.
  • Detection and treatment of vaping, smoking and fights in private areas, locker rooms, or bathrooms.

Verkada Security Cameras for SchoolVerkada Alarms

  • Security professionals provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure prompt detection and response to burglaries.
  • Any Verkada device is capable of being used as an alarm sensor on its own.
  • A smart-learning, cloud-managed platform software allows you to customize alarm settings.

CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems can be reached at 877-523-2288 if you have questions about Verkada Security Cameras for a School.

Verkada Security Cameras for School

Verkada Security Cameras for School