Verkada Access ControlVerkada Access Control is one of the top access control solutions on the market today. Call CCTV Agent today if you would like to learn more about Verkada Access Control. 877-523-2288

Simplify enterprise access control

Real-Time Visibility

Teams can see what’s happening at all locations with seamless integration of video security.

Remote Management

Cloud-based access control allows you to securely manage doors, schedules, and settings from any device.

Unlimited Scale

Verkada’s central management platform can be extended with unlimited doors, credentials, and buildings.

Bluetooth allows for touchless entry

Use your smartphone to get a mobile credential. Employer smartphones can be used to unlock doors and provide convenience. Any smartphone can be used to unlock doors using BLE access control technology.

Your digital keycard is here

Allow your staff and employees to unlock doors using their mobile phones. This will eliminate the need to have physical keys.

One tap to lock down doors

Administrators can ensure safety for students, faculty, and employees by using Verkada’s cloud-based Lockdown with just one tap.

Verkada Pass

Your digital keycard for accessing buildings via modern Enterprise Cloud-Based Access Control.

Lock Doors Anywhere

The Verkada Pass App allows users to remotely unlock doors from any location in the world.

Verkada Access Control

Instant Lockdown in Just One-Tap

You can create custom Lockdown scenarios and instantly secure buildings in an emergency. Then, you can initiate them with one click.

Verkada Pass allows organizations to quickly provision their employees with cloud-based access control. This scales across all facilities easily.

Is Verkada’s Access Control compatible with existing cards or readers?

Verkada Access Control

Verkada Access Control allows you to use third-party cards or readers.

Is it possible to remotely control access into and out of any building?

Yes, you can remotely lock or unlock doors using any device, even smartphones.

What is the maximum number of doors I can have in my Command account?

There is no maximum.  Verkada’s cloud-based software allows unlimited support for the number of doors in your organization.

Native Video Integration

Visual evidence can be used to support incident response.

Active Directory Management

For secure and up-to-date credential management, deprovision access is available in real-time.

Create Schedules & Groups

Make sure doors are locked at all times and protected from unauthorized users.

Verkada Access ControlFilter for Access Control Events

A single dashboard allows you to quickly find, respond and track tailgating events and provide instant notifications.

Get proactive alerts

To detect and notify events, you can set up custom rules that will send SMS and email notifications.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Verkada’s cloud access control solution is preferred by many industry leaders.

In the following articles, we will learn more about Verkada Door Controller, Verkada IO Controller, Verkada Door Reader, and Verkada Wireless Lock. Call CCTV Agent today if you would like to learn more about Verkada Access Control. 877-523-2288

Verkada Access Control

Verkada Access Control

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