Verkada Security for SchoolVerkada Security for School Environments Part II


Protection of Student Privacy 

The ability to control access with role-based permissions and blur faces with one simple click.

Search Filters for Quicker Investigations

Use powerful video forensics to filter people, vehicles, motion, and other attributes.

Lockdown Entrances and Exits in Mere Seconds

Verkada permits you the ability to create custom Lockdown events to secure entrances and exits in the event of an emergency.

Real-Time SMS (Short Message Service) Otherwise Known as Text Alerts

You can set proactive alerts for specific staff and security personnel to be notified of suspicious activity occurring in crucial areas or after hours.

Sharing Video for Faster Investigations and Incident Response Time

Sharing live video in real-time, or previous surveillance footage along with entire floor plans to law enforcement and first responders from any mobile smart device or browser in minutes.

Verkada Security for School

Monitor From Anywhere In The World With Internet Connectivity

Remotely manage Verkada security cameras, sensors, and doors from smart mobile devices or web-based browsers – zero VPNs or configurations.

Built For Any Educational Organization

Security and IT Professionals 

  • Plug–and–play with a single PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection – no NVRs (Network Video Recorders), servers, or complex configurations.
  • Set user-based roles across your organization to ensure optimal access to those granted permission.
  • Secure by default with updates that are automatic with end-to-end encryption.

Administrators, Superintendents, and Security Personnel 

  • Easily monitor certain environments and sites from one cloud-based platform, accessible through any smart mobile device or web-based browser.
  • Control costs with predictable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and easily one of the longest and industry-leading 10-year warranties.
  • User-friendly without time-consuming onboarding or training.

Campus Patrol & Faculty

  • Detect threats with customizable SMS alerts for People of Interest and unusual activity.
  • Lock down buildings instantly with just a click or tap.
  • Share live feeds, floor plans, or archived footage via SMS, MP4, or direct link.

CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of Verkada cloud-based security solutions. Together we make video security scalable, easy to use, and limitlessly smart. Businesses and corporations of all sizes choose Verkada Cloud Security to bring increased surveillance and awareness to any desired location.

Verkada Security for School

Contact CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems today if you have any questions about Verkada Security for School environments. 877-523-2288

Verkada Security for School

Verkada Security for School

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