Body Temperature CamerasWarning signs and symptoms of Elevated Body Temperature can be screened at varying levels with CCTV Agent thermal body temperature cameras. Whether you need high-volume for large facilities or one at a time temperature measurement solutions we have the most affordable options on the market today. Temperature screening is widely recommended as an important safety tool during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Some COVID-19 restrictions are starting to lift for businesses, schools, and the public in general. State, county and city health guidelines must still be met in order to ensure the safety of students, customers, employees and any visitors. Being able to proficiently identify persons who might be exhibiting signs of COVID-19 symptoms will allow you to immediately react. When you have a prepared response plan in place, you will limit the spread that could endanger the general public. Plain and simple Body Temperature Cameras are the most effective solution for screening elevated body temperatures. 


Facilities can deploy proficient thermal body temperature camera screening solutions to all access points for preemptive detection of high body temperature for anyone entering a facility. 

Body Temperature Cameras

CCTV Agent Thermal Body Temperature Camera Detection systems have the latest in analytic features. Our body temperature cameras have powerful software that are equipped with facial recognition. Moreover, these smart analytics even know to measure the body temperature of the tear duct (i.e., inner canthus region), then an immediate notification is alerted to those desired to identify the individuals that show signs of high body temperature. Our thermal camera high volume solutions deliver a low tension, completely contactless method that can be done in bulk. We do have alternative lower volume measurement solutions that are done with kiosk and handheld devices.

Call now if you would like to speak with one of our dedicated Thermal Body Temperature Camera specialists. We can get you a quote if you tell us more about your facility and traffic.  Or you can schedule an appointment and stop by for a free demo anytime.

Body Temperature Camera

Body Temperature Cameras

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