Verkada’s Vehicle Analytics allows you to quickly search and filter to find any type of conveyance or vehicle of interest. With any Verkada camera, you have the capability to access Vehicle Analytics – a dynamic and influential edge-based feature that allows all users high-quality video and images of all vehicles identified in a particular area. With Verkada’s centralized management platform, users can easily filter any conveyance or vehicle by body type, color, make, vehicle, date, and most importantly time. CCTV Agent is an Authorized Reseller for all of Verkada’s powerful surveillance solutions. Call today to find out more about how we can help you with the most advanced security products created for the market today. If you need 1 cloud security camera or hundreds of cloud security cameras call. 877-523-2288

Cloud Security CameraFilter and Find Vehicles with Ease

Verkada Vehicle History

  • Analyze and inspect high-resolution snapshots for any vehicles detected in any frame
  • Easily save snapshots or access related full-resolution video footage

Verkada Investigate Anywhere

  • Vehicle Analytics is available from any type of smart device whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, and can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world with internet access

Verkada Cross-Camera Tracking

  • Rapidly find vehicles of similar interest across all Verkada Security Cameras deployed across all sites
  • Create and export playback of numerous angles of a vehicle to expeditiously deliver evidence to first responders and law enforcement

Verkada Attribute Filters

  • Filter based on a wide array of attributes, including the vehicle make, vehicle body type, and vehicle color

Cloud based security cameras are the most reliable on the market today with the redundancy of on-camera SSS (solid-state storage), while being accessible from the cloud too. CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems offers Hybrid Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions. We are honored to be an Authorized Reseller of Verkada cloud-based security products. Businesses and Corporations of all sizes choose Verkada Cloud Security to bring increased awareness and surveillance to any location that is desired. We work together to make video security that is scalable and user-friendly for security experts and novices while being limitlessly smart. If you need 1 cloud security camera or hundreds of cloud security cameras call. 877-523-2288

Cloud Security Camera

Cloud Security Camera

Cloud Security Camera

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