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CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems’ main goal is to provide accurate and reliable business security cameras that give you comprehensive results.

Business Security CamerasCommercial & Business Security Cameras

Building a fruitful business starts with perseverance and plenty of hard work – and protecting it requires a well thought-out security plan.  It does not matter if you own multiple warehouses or a single retail storefront, CCTV Agent has a variety of proven security camera solutions that will greatly assist with protecting your interest, no matter how small or big.

Commercial Security & Surveillance Solutions

When you need to monitor commercial properties such as large businesses, agriculture fields, farms, construction sites, auto dealerships, garages, government buildings, hotels, factories, schools, shopping centers, storage, or warehouse facilities it brings along certain challenges that are unique to each location.

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Business Security Cameras

Smaller Business Security Camera Solutions 

Owning a retail shop, restaurant, office, repair facility, service provider or any other type of small business necessitates quite a bit of work. The easiest way to lessen the burden for better peace of mind is to contact a proven surveillance leader in the South Florida area. CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems. 877-523-2288

When you have secondary surveillance measures in place, you can better protect any given environment. Many HOAs and private communities have expansive landscaping and shrubbery that makes it difficult for traditional security cameras to have full coverage and that are vulnerable potential points of intrusion. By employing thermal imaging cameras with infrared, you have the ability to see large perimeter areas of a community and detect unwanted intruders.  These cameras, combined with live virtual guards that can monitor your system, have the ability to detect and react to any perimeter breach in real-time.

Business Security CamerasCCTV Agent Business Security Cameras

With the assistance of CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems, you won’t have to physically watch and be there to confirm that things are running smoothly and held accountable. We provide surveillance solutions that closely monitor all activities whether during working hours or at night.  You can also check in on your own and monitor your facilities from anywhere in the world. Keeping tabs on crucial deliveries and shipments, employees, customer traffic, the daily operations, and much more. CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems allows you to deter potential crime, theft and liability threats, as well as increasing employee productivity. Having video evidence of what happens at any given location is paramount for reducing liability for any incident that occurs at your business.

Common business and commercial security camera locations include:

Open Areas and Entrances

Monitoring all major points of entry will make sure that zero suspicious activity falls off the radar. Detect & React!

Staircases and Hallways

Watch over highly trafficked areas throughout the day, as they open up opportunities for nefarious activities.

Parking Lots and Perimeter Security

Monitoring large outdoor areas for suspicious activity and make sure patrons and employees are safe when at any business.

Business Security Cameras

Monitor High-Risk Areas

Keeping your patrons and employees safer by identifying troublesome areas. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Security Camera Analytics allow you to predict and determine what areas need more attention.

4K Security Camera Systems

Enjoy Ultra HD (High-Definition) resolution and flawless images by using a CCTV Agent hard-wired 4K security system. The surveillance technology behind these new security systems delivers real-time data in pristine video format with proper color representation, smooth and realistic natural movement, contrast, and even in darker or low light scenarios. Our security systems are designed according to your property and suited for small and large-scale surveillance. These systems have some robust features that permit color night vision, long-range infrared, perimeter security and will capture the most important details with pure authenticity.

PTZ  (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras

One PTZ camera can eliminate the need for multiple cameras since it can effortlessly monitor large open areas with a single PTZ Camera. These PTZ cameras can quickly pan right or left, tilt up and down and in some instances, rotate a full 360 degrees. They are also outfitted with optical zoom lenses to ease focusing on a specific area in greater detail. Many Pan Tilt Zoom cameras come with viewing tours that are preset and they can also be fully customized according to the user-defined patterns that your location requires to maximize your coverage area.

Varifocal (Zoom) Security Cameras

Varifocal zoom cameras allow you to enjoy more details without losing the high-resolution image quality. Varifocal security cameras equipped with a varifocal zoom lens can quickly zoom in and out without compromising the image quality. This powerful zoom capability lets you control the varifocal camera’s field of view and focus on specific locations with accuracy, so you never lose out on relevant details in a wider space or crowded scene. You can view your surveillance footage from anywhere in the world with any smart device as long as you have internet connectivity.

Business Security Cameras

CCTV Agent Security Cameras Solutions for Small Businesses

When you are a small business owner it’s not any easier than being the owner of a large one. Every business has a lot to consider, from managing employees, to purchasing supplies, deterring theft and reducing liability – and the list still goes on. Even when you’re not on-premises a business is a 24-hour operation that entails dealing with more than one responsibility at the same time. The easiest way to take the stress off your plate is by contacting CCTV Agent so you can focus on helping your business grow.

Business Security CamerasWindows and Entranceways

Monitoring and reacting to traffic flow in and around any windows and entry points at your business is the best way to protect your property, assets, employees, and daily activity.

Safes and Cash Registers

Having a security camera in a position that tracks all activity near a safe or cash register is proven to lower loss and add protection.

Areas with Lower Visibility

Low visibility areas provide ample coverage for illicit activity, so a visibly placed camera will help deter thieves along with increasing productivity.

Inventory, Stock, and Back Rooms

Keeping tabs on your daily business operations will protect you from theft whether internal or external.

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Dome Cameras

PTZ cameras come in various styles. Whether mounted with a bracket for exterior use or indoors with a PTZ dome camera, one single PTZ dome camera can provide a view to a large part of your facility.  Even though a PTZ dome camera costs more than a traditional dome security camera, it can serve as an effective tool for quickly monitoring multiple large areas, and can serve as a cost-effective security measure.

The fast pan, tilt, and zoom movements fused with continuous rotation makes these PTZ dome cameras the perfect surveillance solution for small business monitoring. PTZ dome cameras rapidly capture the action in real-time as it happens, stores the video activity while also providing a powerful optical zoom that can be zoomed in to catch important details with perfect clarity.

Business Security Cameras

Vandal Proof Security Cameras

Many times security cameras need to be used in easy to access spots (such as near an entrance or cash register ), then a vandal-proof security camera is a perfect solution. Vandal-proof security cameras are designed with extra-durable exteriors that can be very hard to take apart and can withstand violent strikes. Vandal-proof security cameras can continue to operate and function long after repeated attacks and are perfectly suited for many surveillance scenarios.

Business Security Cameras

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Business Security Cameras

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