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Shopping Center Security CamerasShopping Center Security Cameras

CCTV Agent has extensive experience in designing and installing effective security camera systems for shopping centers. We understand that where money flows and large crowds of people gather, shopping centers are susceptible to criminal activity. Many feature large open plazas, multiple levels of shops and restaurants, along with storage and delivery areas. The buildings are expansive and present unique challenges for security personnel. A strategically placed high-resolution security camera system will help to enhance security by providing continuous monitoring of key aspects of a shopping complex.

Security Camera System Installation for Shopping Centers

CCTV Agent only sells premium security cameras and equipment and provides premium support to our customers. Our state-of-the-art IP technology security camera systems are high resolution and have night vision so that you will always have a window into your operations, day or night. Low-cost cameras are not rugged and often come with outdated software and low-quality images. Our camera systems provide superior quality images in comparison to analog systems, making it easier to quickly identify who is in your security camera’s field of vision. The cameras are waterproof and highly rated for outdoor or indoor use and are durable enough to hold up in any demanding environment.

Shopping Center Security Cameras


Our software application is user-friendly and we provide excellent live customer support.

Some of the benefits that a security camera system can provide to shopping centers include:

  • Deters theft and break-ins
  • Deters vandalism and other criminal acts
  • Increases safety for customers and employees
  • Monitoring of public areas like food courts, restaurants, bars, and parking lots
  • Ensures employees and vendors are meeting customer service and safety standards
  • Deters intruders from gaining access to restricted areas
  • Decreases liability
  • Intrusion detection
  • Better crowd control at high-traffic times
  • Provides an effective tool for monitoring daily operations
  • Allows for remote monitoring from a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Deters improper employee behavior
  • Reduces business liability

Shopping Center Security CamerasCCTV Agent is a Leader in Shopping Center Security Camera Installation

CCTV Agent possesses the know-how and skillset to deliver high-quality and user-friendly security camera systems to customers within the shopping center industry. We are well versed in the day-to-day security threats faced by this industry and have the experience to design solutions to monitor threats, enhance your business and ensure public safety.

At CCTV Agent, we provide a generous suite of services to our customers. We provide an extensive site security audit, camera location evaluation, configuration, and installation support, and virtual integration to deliver the best results. Count on us to meet your shopping center’s unique security needs.

Shopping Center Security Cameras


Surveillance Concerns

Shopping Center Security CamerasStrip malls and shopping centers present particular surveillance threats which can be challenging at times. Common exterior concerns are based on a property’s density, foot traffic, demographics, tenant mix, security guard expenses, historical property damage, and much more. Everyday exterior coverage areas include parking lots, garages, storefronts, back alleys, and in some cases rooftops. CCTV Agent offers remote camera monitoring by licensed security guards which can be up to seventy-five percent less in cost than traditional security guards. These proactive surveillance solutions for shopping centers deliver the capabilities to actively watch any facility in real-time to deter criminal activity inside and outside any shopping center. Indoor monitoring reduces theft and increases employee productivity. If you have any questions about shopping center security cameras call CCTV Agent today. 877-523-2288

Remote camera monitoring combined with advanced edge-based analytics and smart AI (artificial intelligence) allows you to capture events as they happen in real-time. Response times are immediate and the security threat is either apprehended or the footage is used to hold those accountable. In real-time, you can send this footage rapidly to onsite security personnel or law enforcement thus deterring criminal activity or holding those responsible. Analytics, AI, and remote guards are watching when no one else is and are more effective than a stationary guard standing at the entrance to any tenant’s storefront. Our shopping center security solutions provide high-quality, efficient security that minimizes liability while deterring nefarious activities like theft or vandalism.

Shopping Center Security Cameras


Shopping Center Security CamerasOnsite Security Guards

Most retail stores and shopping centers rely on security guards to surveil their property, but they are notoriously expensive, with costs for retail centers exceeding thousands of dollars a month. Moreover, there are other external factors involved with security guards that include limited coverage ability, lack of training, as well as trust factor in their abilities to do the job they were hired to do. With CCTV Agent’s remote camera monitoring solution, you get a thoroughly trained team of operators to monitor your cameras. These shopping center security cameras can be placed throughout any retail or shopping environment’s desired location.

Added Security Expenses

When you have security guards that drive by certain locations periodically, they can easily be circumvented. Even if you have security cameras on-site, if they aren’t monitored they will not produce the desired results that CCTV Agent’s live remote security camera monitoring can provide.

Property Damage to Retail Environments

If you have a property that is not monitored during or after hours with no security personnel around to prevent theft, vandalism, and property damage it will cause added loss and damage. Criminals have become aware that just having cameras that are static, unmonitored, or with no security persons around they can have free reign to do as they please. Moreover, the cost for theft, vandalism, and damage to any retail property can cause reputation damage that can even affect vacancy rates.

Shopping Center Security Cameras


After Hours Vandalism & Criminal Activity

Late at night when it’s dark, criminals tend to open up shop in back alleys and other areas of low light. Back door break-ins, theft, illegal dumping, trespassing, and vandalism occur during the late-night hours when most people are asleep or away. Criminal activity in parking lots and garages is commonplace for car theft, drug use, property damage, and other heinous activities.

If you have any questions about shopping center security cameras call CCTV Agent today. 877-523-2288

Shopping Center Security Cameras


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Shopping Center Security Cameras

Shopping Center Security Cameras

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