Security Camera Installation Boca Raton

Surveillance System Install Boca RatonShopping center security camera company West Palm Beach

At CCTV agent we take the time to make certain you get the best surveillance system for your needs and that you are able to use it productively. A well-designed security camera system can make the difference between having an invaluable tool and an unnecessary expense.

You need a company you can trust to guide you through the selection and installation process. Whether you need to comply with local laws, protect the things that matter most to you, or install a system to your exacting needs, CCTV Agent in Palm Beach County is uniquely qualified to help.

CCTV Agent offers a variety of camera system solutions for all types of applications.  Whether you are trying to catch criminals or you just want additional exposure to what’s happening at your business or home, we have the right system.  Our camera systems offer the highest quality available; providing you with the high-resolution you may need at the cash register, for facial recognition or to capture license plates

Professional Security Camera Installation

CCTV Agent is a licensed installer with many years of experience in the CCTV industry.  Highly trained technicians perform our quality installations. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Studies have shown that 90% of CCTV system failures are the result of cabling problems. CCTV Agent uses the most tested, certified and time proven cabling techniques to assure the highest performance reliability for our customers.

IP-Based Camera Systems

IP-Based Camera Systems are designed using Internet Protocol (IP) which means they offer the ability for the video from the cameras on your network to be transmitted anywhere your network extends; including a remote connection.  This means you can access your camera system remotely from anywhere in the world with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Security Cameras for Apartment Buildings and Condominiumssecurity cameras for condos Palm Beach Gardens

In order to protect residents from theft and other crime and to protect associations from liability claims it is essential for apartment buildings and condominiums to have security cameras.  CCTV Agent provides free site-surveys to engineer a custom camera surveillance system for your entire property, both inside and out.

Security Cameras for Communities and HOA’s

It is necessary to secure HOA properties at both the entrance and exit areas of the property with license plate reader cameras (LPR) so that license plate tags can be captured both day and night.  We at CCTV Agent are specialists in license plate capture and have installed countless LPR cameras in the Boca Raton area.

Warehouse security camera installation company West Palm BeachIndustrial and Warehouse Security Cameras

CCTV Agent can help you save money and manpower and simultaneously make sure you facility is secure.  CCTV Agent can design a camera system which will allow you to visually monitor your entire industrial or warehouse property from a single location.



Monitor Employees at Car DealershipsSecurity Cameras for Auto Dealerships WPB

Car dealerships need state-of-the-art security camera systems.  Car dealerships are typically vulnerable to employee theft and theft of cars from the lot.  A professionally installed security camera system can help you monitor production processes and monitor vehicles coming in and out of your building.  Security cameras are exceptionally helpful when it comes to employee or customer liability claims.

Manufacturing Plant Security Cameras WPBSecurity Cameras for Manufacturing Facilities

24-hour video monitoring will help reduce liability and provide valuable exposure to help manage your warehouse, manufacturing complex or business.  With 24-hour video monitoring you won’t have to leave your warehouse, manufacturing area or industrial facility unattended.  Our camera systems with remote viewing allow you to have a window into your operations day or night, from anywhere in the world.



Commercial Business Security Cameras

We have worked with many well-known restaurants, malls, shopping centers, and commercial businesses in the Boca Raton area.  We are able to customize a security camera solution suited to your unique needs.

Security cameras West Palm BeachCustom Designed Bar and Restaurant Camera Security Systems 

Typically restaurants work with a lot of cash.  That means you are susceptible to having employees pocket some of that cash.  Our engineers can design a camera system with cash register cameras to keep an eye on your money when you can’t. Restaurants can also be victim to fraudulent liability claims. A well-design IP security camera system can provide a clear record of activity, which always speaks the truth. Having video evidence of incidents can assist in keeping liability threats at bay. Call us today to find out how CCTV Agent can provide you with an invaluable tool to help you manage your business, provide better customer service, review safety problems and deter false claims. 

We install Security Camera Systems in these Palm Beach County cities:

West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Lake Harbor, Lake Worth, Loxahatchee, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, South Bay, and Wellington.

We install Security Camera Systems in the following Zip Code areas in Palm Beach County:

33401   33402   33403   33404   33405   33406   33407   33409   33411   33412   33413   33415   33416   33417   33419   33420   33422   33427   33428   33429   33431   33432   33433   33434   33464   33481   33486   33487   33488   33496   33497   33498   33499   33424   33425   33426   33435   33436   33437   33472   33473   33474   33444   33445   33446   33448   33482   33483   33484   33458   33468   33469   33477   33478   33459   33449   33460   33461   33462   33463   33465   33466   33467   33470   33408   33410   33418   33414   33493   33480