The Top 10 Features that the Best Thermal Body Temperature Camera Systems Offer

There are many different types and makes of thermal body temperature camera systems hitting the market right now. Here are the top 10 features that the best thermal body temperature camera systems offer:

  1. Provide for no contact temperature measurement.
  2. Can detect temperature from to 3 to 15 feet away.
  3. Can measure temperature in a fraction of a second and, therefore, can process hundreds of people per hour so that traffic flow into a facility is not impaired.
  4. Can achieve accuracy levels within ±0.54°F and they operate with a blackbody calibration device that is necessary to achieve this level of accuracy.
  5. Are passive and do not require people to change their routine when entering a facility, thereby making them more suitable for long term use.
  6. Use facial detection software so that false alerts from objects such as a hot cup of coffee or cell phone do not trigger false alerts.
  7. Have facial recognition software that can be used to enhance the security levels of a facility.
  8. Can be interfaced with a facility’s network and allows for monitoring by management.
  9. Can provide audible and visual alerts both at the screening location and remotely available.
  10. Can provide the ability to store data and provide reports of activity, as well as provide easily searchable video clips of over-temperature alerts.

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