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Know what is occurring in immediate time and react swiftly with Avigilon Security Cameras and their proprietary surveillance analytic solutions. CCTV Agent Security Camera Systems is proud to be an Avigilon Authorized Partner, a Motorola Solutions Company. Partnering with Avigilon and Motorola has allowed us to gain access to the most powerful security products available on the market today.

Their new Mission Critical Operation has delivered a security Ecosystem that has created a solution for businesses of all sizes, government institutions, state, city, HOA, community, neighborhoods, farms, agriculture, equestrian, schools and healthcare institutions for better overall public safety. 


  • Cloud Based 24/7 Security Video Surveillance Accessible From Anywhere in the World 
  • Immediate Critical Communication To React Accordingly
  • Powerful Analytic and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Software

Detect in real time and react instantly with video surveillance and the latest in security analytics. CCTV Agent Security Systems offers a vast range of security cameras and management software that is powered by robust AI-enabled analytics that allows your security system the ability to become an involved partner and not just a passive observer.

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Avigilon Security Cameras


With hi-def security cameras you have the ability to constantly monitor, learn and analyze from any given environment.  This will allow you to get unparalleled visual detail that is combined with real time and recurring situational alertness that prevents, stops, and reacts in real time scenarios.

Avigilon Security CamerasIn the past it used to take hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months to gather legitimate investigative data. Now, this occurs in minutes with CCTV Agent’s proprietary solutions via Avigilon Security Cameras. Avigilon’s superior tracking abilities and their seamless effort to integrate across a wide variety of security systems allows for effortless collaboration and sharing for any desired parties.

Avigilon Security Cameras analytics and surveillance solutions permits any facility or property to have real time eyes on any premises. This lets you predict and learn with Avigilon’s proven AI technology and powerful security camera analytics, to not only reduce crimes but stop them altogether before they might happen. Any business or facility wants to know what you don’t know, be where you cannot be, and see what you cannot see.

Areas that are unmonitored are at risk to loss, protection, and even livelihood in the worst case scenarios. CCTV Agent Security Systems provides proven solutions for any type of business, facility, health care institution, property, HOA, community, and most effectively for government agencies to provide better overall public safety. If you have any questions about Avigilon Cameras call CCTV Agent today.

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Avigilon Security Cameras

Avigilon Security Cameras

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