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Vandal Proof Resistant Dome Security CameraVandal Dome Resistant Security Cameras

When shopping for security cameras, most people run across what are known as vandal resistant security cameras.  Most people do not even know what vandal resistant cameras are.  But, if you are purchasing cameras for you residence, you definitely need them.  Basically, vandal resistant cameras are dome cameras.  Most of them are made out of steel.  So, they can take a real beating.  Also, being that they are dome cameras, the cabling is totally protected and concealed.  Therefore, the cabling cannot be tampered with, making them even more vandal resistant.

Every neighborhood across the country has neighborhood kids that have nothing better to do but vandalize property.  I am positive that if these kids knew that they were being watched by security cameras, they would do their best to take those cameras out.  Non vandal resistant cameras would be easy to take out.  This is especially true if they are not dome cameras. Non dome cameras could easily be knocked out of place, or out of focus.  The cables could also be easily cut or disconnected.  Therefore, if you are installing cameras at your residence, be sure to use vandal resistant dome cameras if at all possible.  You have a higher probability of catching a vandal if you have cameras that are vandal resistant.