Security Cameras for Business West Palm Beach

Security Cameras Are A Must For Every Business

Whether you’re a small business or a large business, having the ability to keep an eye on your business assets is a Security cameras for business Wellington Floridavaluable tool for protecting your business investments. With a security camera system, you’ll be able to view your business from anywhere via secure Internet access with our state-of-the-art web and mobile applications.

Watch Employees

Whether you have 2 employees or 2,000, you can increase productivity just by letting your employees know that they’re always being watched. Make your employees more accountable and reduce employee theft by installing a security camera system from CCTV Agent.

Theft Prevention

“Prevention is the best medicine.” Retailers lose millions of dollars a year due to theft. For most criminals, simply knowing there is a camera on them will deter them from committing a crime. The price of surveillance cameras will always outweigh the costs due to theft — by employees or customers.

Security cameras for business West Palm Beach24/7 Access

Perfect for business owners on the road, a security camera system from CCTV Agent  is your ticket to keeping your finger on your business’ pulse. With a security camera system installed by CCTV Agent, it’s as easy as going to your laptop or using your cell phone.




Video Surveillance Protects in these Four Areas:Security camera installation company West Palm Beach

  • Deterrence- visible asset protection
  • Prosecution- aids law enforcement
  • Monitoring- real time process tracking
  • Prevention- proactive halt to improper behavior

Our designs provide the tools necessary to address all 4 key areas.

Our solutions range from basic IP systems to encompassing IP based networks

  • Complete security analysis to recommend the best solutionoffice building security camera installation
  • Full system wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Hybrid and IP based end point cameras
  • Weatherproof and environmentally conditioned cameras
  • User training on system recorder with archiving and remote live viewing
  • Concealed and application specific cameras
  • Weatherproof exterior cameras
  • Complete system design, installation and life cycle management
  • End user and system administration training

Whether your need is for an inside camera security system, an outdoor camera security system, or a combination, we will meet your requirements. Your surveillance system is here for you everyday, all the time. Contact CCTV Agent today to schedule a meeting to discuss your video surveillance, CCTV, and video security options!

Shopping center security camera installationRetail Store Security Cameras

Retail stores and malls need security cameras because they are a well known target for robbery.  You can monitor your customers, vendors, and employees with high quality video surveillance cameras.  You don’t have to settle for inferior image quality any more because you can get high-definition megapixel cameras from CCTV Agent to give you that clear video you need for prosecution.



Quality Surveillance Video for Retail Stores

The police and court systems need to have high quality surveillance video in order to prosecute shoplifters.  It makes their jobs much harder without it.  Contact us for a demo today.

Warehouse Surveillance CamerasWarehouse security camera installation company West Palm Beach

When it comes to warehouse security, the theft can come from employees and from delivery people so it helps to have a high quality surveillance camera system set up.  You can reduce liability claims by seeing where your weak points are in the warehouse such as the general environment, equipment and shelving systems.  You can also reduce fraudulent insurance claims with the use of high quality video surveillance. 

 security camera companyMonitor from Anywhere

We know you can’t be at your office or warehouse all the time.  CCTV Agent can give you the ability to monitor your business from anywhere in the world by recording all of your operations with state-of-the-art security cameras.  An added benefit to having video surveillance in your warehouse is that you will be able to use your video for safety and productivity training.



Security Cameras for Car DealershipSecurity Cameras for Auto Dealerships WPB

When it comes to car dealerships it is important to have several areas of the dealership protected.  This includes the cash register, the service department, the lot and the store.  You can protect your company from theft, liability claims, improve employee productivity and give better customer service.  Let CCTV Agent design a custom security camera system to provide you with the coverage you need to secure and manage your dealership.

security camera for barns wellingtonCustom Security Camera Monitoring

If you have multiple locations, CCTV Agent can install a display wall allowing you to monitor all of your operations from one location.  We can  also set up wireless pan-tilt-zoom cameras in your car lots and various fixed cameras throughout the showroom and service areas.




Restaurant Security Cameras

CCTV Agent offers restaurant owners and managers the ability to watch over operations, employees, kitchens, and customers to help protect from liability claims.  Restaurants have special needs because there are so many areas to cover in a restaurant.

Custom Designed Bar and Restaurant Camera Security Systems Restaurant security cameras West Palm Beach

Restaurants and bars deal with a lot of cash.  Our expert surveillance camera installers can design a system with cash register cameras to keep an eye on your money.  Contact us today to see how a CCTV camera system can give you better vision to manage your business, provide better customer service, review safety problems and also act as a deterrent for theft from inside and outside.

CCTV Agent are specialists with highly qualified installers to help protect you, your family and your business.  Call us today.

We install Security Camera Systems in these Palm Beach County cities:

West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Lake Harbor, Lake Worth, Loxahatchee, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, South Bay, and Wellington.

We install Security Camera Systems in the following Zip Code areas in Palm Beach County:

33401   33402   33403   33404   33405   33406   33407   33409   33411   33412   33413   33415   33416   33417   33419   33420   33422   33427   33428   33429   33431   33432   33433   33434   33464   33481   33486   33487   33488   33496   33497   33498   33499   33424   33425   33426   33435   33436   33437   33472   33473   33474   33444   33445   33446   33448   33482   33483   33484   33458   33468   33469   33477   33478   33459   33449   33460   33461   33462   33463   33465   33466   33467   33470   33408   33410   33418   33414   33493   33480