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Digifort IP Surveillance System

Digifort Camera Systemsdigifort camera system

Making use of the most advanced concepts of digital intelligence in the area of surveillance and physical security, the Digifort System embarks upon a new age in the active and passive surveillance of security cameras, integrating solutions and offering the most modern in terms of surveillance, access control and automation, in a distributed and accessible manner using the most varied means of communication used in and by the organization.

Camera Surveillance System

Control, view and record images from IP or analog cameras and encoding devices, as well as manage a variety of modules created to work seamlessly. Digifort has created an easy and logical digital interface console, allowing administrators and users to personalize their experience.

The Digifort platform has a friendly graphical drag and drop interface based on Windows and display of multiple screens. Drop menus, help windows and manuals are available in the chosen language. There are 4 versions to meet the needs and complexity of the market. 

Video Analytics of the Digifort Systemditifort image 2

Using this module, it’s possible to identify aspects of images such as change of scenery, objects left behind or removed, direction of movement, and generate a previously programmed action; allowing the operator more efficiency and faster response time to incidents and events.

Digifort LPR System

This module has been designed to handle recognition of vehicle license plates in low and high speeds.

It will allow you to store and manage vehicle plates; creating a real-time working database. This information will work with other Digifort’s components; such as IO’s and alarms. It’s designed to integrate with third-party systems for the analysis of the captured data.

In addition, LPR allows the user to take measures when a registered plate is identified.digifort cameras west palm beach