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Monitor Security Cameras on Phone, PC or Tablet

A big reason people get high-quality surveillance cameras today, is to give them the ability to monitor their home, property or business remotely.  At CCTV Agent, we give you Surveillance in the Palm of Your Hands.  As long as you have high-speed Internet, you will be able to view your security cameras from anywhere in the World on your smart phone, tablet, or Internet PC.

Local Video Monitoring

All of our camera systems offer the ability to connect a standard HDMI Monitor or TV.  We also connect your NVR or DVR to your computer network to provide you the ability to view and monitor your cameras from any PC on your network.  Learn More 

Smart Phone Camera Viewing

In today’s fast paced world, we are always on the go and want to be able to do everything from our smart phones.  CCTV Agent will give you the ability to monitor your security cameras from your smart phone no matter where you are.  Our remote viewing Apps work with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.  Learn More

Tablet PC Viewing

Just like with your smart phone, you will be able to view all of your cameras from your tablet PC; such as an iPad, Android, or Windows Tablet.  Our Apps allow you to set up favorites for the various cameras you like to view.  You can flip through multiple cameras form a single location or from multiple locations.  Learn More

View Cameras on a Windows PC or MAC

Any Internet-based PC or MAC computer gives you the ability to view and monitor your cameras from anywhere.  You can view through a browser or with our free Central Monitoring Software.  The CMS software allows you to view cameras from multiple locations all in one screen.  Learn More