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The CCTV Agent Certified Partner Program

We offer CCTV installers the ability to be highly competitive in today’s video surveillance market by providing you great pricing on product, access to the best equipment in the industry, leads in your area, a great return policy and free support with a fast response from a knowledgeable technical staff.  We also offer training seminars on all of our products; including IP Cameras, HDCVI Systems, and Hybrid DVR Solutions.  If you are an existing CCTV installer or looking to get into this fast growing market, contact us today to set up a meeting to see how you can get started being more profitable.

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Become a CCTV Agent in one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. market! 

The global video surveillance market has experienced substantial growth over the past few years on the back of rising concerns for security and safety across the globe.  This growth, in turn, has resulted in the increased demand for technically advanced surveillance systems thereby, creating huge growth opportunities for CCTV installers and dealers.

Who We Are

CCTV Agent is a South Florida leader in providing top quality CCTV products and IP-Based Camera Systems to customers in South Florida and has offered a lucrative program to help individuals start their own CCTV company and help current CCTV installers become more successful and more profitable with their businesses.

Why CCTV Agent in West Palm Beach?

We give you the opportunity to replace outdated Security Camera Systems with affordable, user-friendly, feature-rich, IP-Based Camera systems and traditional high-quality Analog DVR and Camera systems.


Dealer Benefits 

Once you become a CCTV Agent, we will provide you with numerous resources and a proven plan to ensure your business success.

  • Great profit margins while building a loyal customer base
  • Access to a broad range of CCTV products from entry-level systems to high-end analog and IP based systems.
  • Powerful marketing materials, sales training, and technical support
  • Assistance in engineering & design of your customer’s systems
  • Receive leads generated from several lead sources funded by CCTV Agent, Inc.
  • Install systems sold by CCTV Agent staff and receive your full dealer margin plus labor 

The CCTV Agent Dealer Program is designed for B2B business owners and entrepreneurs, who want long term sustainability, high profits, solid support and to become part of the BEST CCTV program in the industry.