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How to Apply for Partnership Program:

CCTV Agent Certified Partner Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CCTV Agent Certified Partner.  By completing the application form below, you will begin the process of becoming a member of the CCTV Agent Certified Partner community.

CCTV Agent’s products represent a unique opportunity for you to differentiate your organization from the competition in CCTV product sales, security camera installations, and surveillance system design.

As a Certified Partner you will qualify for:

  • Special Wholesale Pricing – great discounts on a recognized quality product.
  • Meet or Beat Price Policy – This way, you get the luxury of a one-stop shop for all your security shopping needs.
  • Free Lead Service – Receive leads generated on this website and our radio advertising campaign.
  • Use of Showroom and Demo Systems – Bring your clients to one of our showrooms to show off your products.
  • Free Technical Support – We have extensive knowledge of all types of CCTV security products; from IP cameras to the new HDCVI cameras.